Who We Are

Empowering Residents.

Providing Resources.

Changing Lives.

One Size Does Not Fit All! CIAD Resident Action to underscore the Individuality and unique needs of each Adult Care Facility Resident.


Dedicated to empowering residents of Adult Care Facilities (ACF) across the five Boroughs of New York City since 1973, we work collaboratively with residents to bolster their self-determination, purpose and pride.  Along with support for developing and strengthening daily living skills, CIAD provides an array of resources and programs for ACF residents as well as those who seek to move to independent living and supportive housing opportunities.   


CIAD is an empowerment organization.  The majority of our Board of Directors are Adult Care Facility (ACF) residents or former residents who know well the challenges faced each day in institutional living. They bring their life experience and history in ACF living to ground the organization in its commitment to community empowerment. 

In the day-to-day activities, we operate under the leadership of the Board of Directors, with a small but highly skilled professional staff overseen by the Executive Director. Peer Advocates are employed to work with the staff to offer direct support to residents, facilitate communication and advance advocacy across the ACF experience.  


CIAD helps ensure a voice at the table for a diverse population that has been and continues to be ignored or dismissed by policy makers and communities. Working side by side with residents, we share Resident Stories and experiences with government leaders in the legislative and various state and city departments charged with oversight and policy implementation. We work to amplify the voices of residents and to positively impact the ACF experience through legislation and regulatory improvement.  

In 2022, CIAD helped lead the momentum to pass legislation which requires residential facilities to provide demographic information to determine if there is inequity of services for people of color. We understand inequalities exist and we are pleased to have governmental support to research and learn more. In doing so, we can address problems and fill gaps in service for our residents and those throughout the city and state.

Key Resources

We are proud to provide critical resources to our residents. Among these are:

Independence Training

Providing essential skill development for residents to manage the day to day of living whether in an ACF or as they prepare to transition to independent living.  Taking Control: A Guide to Independence and Decision Making is both a standalone guidebook and the curriculum for a nine session workshop process where residents develop personal independence skills and further their self-advocacy.

Adult Home Resident Council Toolkit

Supports the development and work of resident Councils from startups through extended advocacy activity.

Resident Support Line


Quarterly Newsletter

Changing Lives

For the past fifty years since our founding in 1973, CIAD has changed lives for the better. Working with our Allies, government leaders and residents, we have made gains for those living in Adult Care Facilities including:

  • Air conditioning in resident rooms
  • Stronger Resident Councils
  • Greater opportunities to transition from ACF to independence in their own homes. 

It is a process, and we are happy that our work is truly changing lives.

Like so many organizations serving vulnerable populations, the Covid19 Pandemic caused us to pivot in our support of residents.

  • CIAD created a toll-free Support Line (insert number here?) staffed by our Peer Advocates to provide information, comfort and connectivity among ACF residents and their families. This support line is now a feature of our day to day work. 
  • CIAD developed a newsletter for residents to share vital information and keep residents isolated by lock-downs and restrictions better connected and equipped to manage through the pandemic.
  • Peer Advocates trained to use computers to meet and share information.

These initiatives allowed us to more accurately report on the true toll the pandemic had on our ACF population because of our extensive contacts with residents.  As a result of our advocacy, CIAD helped keep residents safer and healthier, showing the resiliency and courage of ACF residents even as the world shut down around them.  

We are grateful the world has opened back up and we are hopeful we can begin to meet in person, whenever and wherever it is safe to do so. Our team is working to make in-person workshops and trainings happen again, but we all understand the world has changed and so must we in our delivery of services and resources. 


CIAD is a grassroots organization that receives funding from state government contracts, private foundation  grants, and private donors. 

Because our service population is primarily living on SSI or very limited disability income, we rely on the broader community to help support the change we bring through individual donations. Your contribution helps us serve over 2,500 unique individuals annually. 

Please visit our Donation page to explore ways to support our work.

Join us in supporting the aged and disabled of greater New York City.