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With over the five decades of CIAD’s work to empower residents, our Press Page highlights significant moments and achievements.  The links to various articles and publications provide an overview of some of the issues and challenges we have addressed in pursuing our mission.  

What’s Happening In Adult Care Facilities in NYC

CIAD Concerned Over Corporatization of Adult Care Facilities in New York.

“The W has indeed been a concern to us because they have bought up a good number of adult homes in New York City and New York state. We are concerned about the so-called corporatization of care and the services residents are receiving there,” CIAD’s Lieberman said.

Read the Article here.

Pandemic & Adult Homes in the News

Published in The New Republic and Pro Publica

“We Don’t Even Know Who Is Dead or Alive” – Trapped Inside an Assisted Living Facility During the Pandemic

The Elderly Trapped in Bronxwood

Published on Buzzfeed

Nobody Knows Exactly How Hard the Coronavirus is Hitting

Published on Marketwatch

New York Nursing Homes Prep for a Potential Second Wave of Covid

CIAD in the News

  • 2017 – Resident Council Presidents and CIAD’s Executive Director testify at a legislative hearing on a proposal to increase the SSI Rate for Adult Homes. City and State covers the issue and the hearing.
  • 2008 – Members of the Coalition of the Institutionalized Aged and Disabled (CIAD) along with mental health advocates gathered in the Well of the Legislative Office Building last Wednesday for an Adult Home Resident “Speak Out!” rally….Read the rest of the story.
  • 2006 – Legislators meet with adult home residents over living conditions, prescription costs as published in the Legislative Gazette (February 27, 2006) by William Eng, Gazette staff writer (digital version no longer available). The Coalition for Institutionalized Aged and Disabled and the Coalition for Adult Home Reform met with over 100 residents of adult homes, to raise awareness on conditions in adult homes statewide.
  • 2005 – Unbearable: Fed Up Seniors Demand A/C In Adult Homes: Bay News (September 5, 2005) By Michele De Meglio – Tired of sleeping in sweltering bedrooms, residents of adult homes are banning together to demand that the state foot the bill for air conditioners. -download pdf story
  • 2005 – Adult Home Residents Plead For Free A/C: The Wave (August 19, 2005) – The Coalition of Institutionalized Aged and Disabled held a community meeting in Far Rockaway on August 10 to demand free air conditioning for adult homes.
  • 2005 – THEY’RE STEAMED: MENTALLY ILL TENANTS DEMAND AIR CONDITIONING Adult home residents and owners agree that air conditioning is a necessity, but will the state foot the bill? City Limits Weekly (August 5, 2005) by Cassi Feldman – Irene Kaplan was on her way to a doctor’s appointment on July 15 when she started feeling dizzy. She had the driver turn around and take her home, but she didn’t make it past the lobby, she said.
  • 2005 – Legislature approves additional mental health funding: The Legislative Gazette (April 11, 2005) By Paul Esmond – For most people, buying well-fitting clothes that look right is simple. A person goes to the store, searches the racks and finds pants, shirts and jackets that fit and they purchase them. Getting suitable clothing for the institutionalized mentally ill is not so simple, said Dotty Harle, who described the ill-fitting donated outfits that she and others living in adult residences in New York State rely on.
  • 2005 – Adult Home Residents Speak Out: New York Nonprofit Press (April 2005) Voice of the Consumer, pg. 13 – In 2002, when Clifford Levy of the New York Times wrote his Pulitzer Prizewinning expose of the Adult Home system, the general public was shocked. –download PDF article or visit
  • 2005 – Residents Bring ‘Homes’ to Albany to Protest: The Legislative Gazette (January 31, 2005), By Etanjalie Narraph, staff writer- After driving from New York City during a snowstorm, a group of adult home residents carried four boxes representing their homes into the mental and hygiene budget hearing last week in protest. – download PDF article