Resident Councils

Resident councils help preserve the independence, choice and control residents can lose living in an institutional setting. Resident councils should be resident-directed, and should be a resource for residents to bring up complaints or problems to the administration as a collective. Unfortunately, because of the many obstacles facing residents of adult homes, many resident councils are co-opted by the administration, or barely exist at all.

CIAD works with resident councils to promote their independence and effectiveness. We help residents organize councils and food committees and strategize about problems and solutions. This support can take several forms, including help with monthly meetings, holding elections, and leadership development. We put special emphasis on helping councils organize to participate in the EQUAL Grant application. EQUAL is a non-competitive state funded program for adult homes. Resident Councils have important powers over adult homes’ EQUAL applications because they identify residents’ top priorities and preferences for the use of the funds.

Adult Home Resident Council Toolkit

CIAD’s newest resource for adult home resident councils is our Adult Home Resident Council Toolkit. The Toolkit comes with a video, Resident Councils: Voice of the Residents.

EQUAL Grants Program

The EQUAL Grants Program gives real power to resident councils to decide how to spend substantial amounts of money to improve residents’ lives.

How To Organize a Food Committee In Your Home

Download our brochure How To Organize a Food Committee In Your Home.