Since 1973, the Coalition of Institutionalized Aged and Disabled has been supporting the pride, purpose, and self-determination of residents of adult care facilities. We are dedicated to empowering people, protecting their rights, and improving the quality of their lives and care.

Empowering Residents.
Providing Resources.
Changing Lives.

CIAD Empowerment and Resiliency

This documentary offers some of the voices and stories of residents of Adult Care Facilities and why our work of advocacy with and for them is so important. 

Program Information

Empowering Residents

We work directly with residents to organize for change by coordinating activities to achieve our goals including:

  • Independence Training for Residents whether they are continuing to live in facilities or they are ready to move to their own homes.
  • Resident Leadership Training for those leading residence-based groups.
  • Policy Committee meetings with resident leaders to strategize our campaigns.
  • Annual Adult Home Resident Speak-out in Albany where we, as residents and constituents, connect with policymakers to share experiences, concerns, and solutions.

“CIAD advocates, lobbies and—most importantly—empowers residents to become independent, stand up for their rights and help solve their problems. CIAD also makes dreams come true. I am living proof.” – Bob Rosenberg, President, CIAD Board of Directors


Number of New York City residents living in adult care facilities


Number of adult care facilities in New York City.


Providing Resources for Residents

We are here to support you in learning how to advocate for your rights, learn skills, and become part of your community. Download the Adult Home Resident Council Toolkit to learn how to become involved in your resident council, call our toll-free Support Line to speak to one of our Peer Advocates for help, and visit the Resources page for additional information.

Changing Lives

For the past fifty years since our founding in 1973, CIAD has changed lives for the better. Working with our Allies, government leaders and residents, we have made gains for those living in Adult Care Facilities including:

  • Air conditioning in resident rooms
  • Stronger Resident Councils
  • Greater opportunities to transition from ACF to independence in their own homes.

Who We Are

Our Mission

We are dedicated to supporting residents of Adult Care Facilities (ACF) in New York City by providing them with the information and skills they need to advocate for themselves. This empowerment based model is at the core of CIAD. The majority of our Board of Directors are residents or former residents of ACFs. Whether they choose to continue living in an ACF, or are interested in moving to a place of their own, we are here to support and improve their lives and care.

Our History

The Coalition of Institutionalized, Aged and Disabled (CIAD) is a non-profit, resident-led advocacy organization of adult home residents and residents’ councils. The organization was established in 1973 as a voice for residents fighting for a seat at the table where key facility and state government decisions that directly affected their life and wellbeing were made. Today, we continue our mission of empowerment for those whose voices are still too often ignored or unheard in systemic decision making processes.

The Need

As of 2021, there are approximately 50,000 people living in New York State’s 550 licensed adult care facilities. New York refers to adult homes or assisted living facilities as Adult Care Facilities (ACFs) so we also refer to these residences as such. Of the total for the state, approximately 10,000 residents live in 70 licensed adult care facilities in New York City. In total, there are roughly 13,000 low income residents in the state who receive their income through SSI and SSP.

On an annual basis, CIAD serves approximately 4,350 residents living in 22 facilities in New York City, as well as those who have moved to independent living or supportive housing settings from these facilities. Our advocacy reaches beyond these direct service recipients as we impact ACF policy and practices that improve the quality of life, care and safety for residents throughout New York State. There is work to be done and residents to support and we are honored to be part of this grassroots organization helping and empowering people in our own communities.

In Memoriam

The Staff and Board of CIAD would like to make special mention of those we lost throughout the Covid19 pandemic. We grieve for them and their loved ones and count ourselves honored to have served and journeyed with them. Our work continues in their memory.

Join us in supporting the aged and disabled of greater New York City.

Meet the Residents

Our Residents come from diverse backgrounds, ages, and experiences. We support them wherever they are in their personal journey and empower them to advocate for themselves, gain independence, and live fulfilled lives. Through our grassroots work with residents and policymakers, we are changing lives.

One Size Does Not Fit All! CIAD Resident Action to underscore the individuality and uniqueness of each and every Adult Care Facility Residents.