Bob Rosenberg

I have a rare form of cerebral palsy and several chronic health problems. I was a self-employed insurance broker for 30 years before a stroke landed me in a nursing home. When I was elected Vice President of the Resident Council there, I was introduced to CIAD and their staff and benefited from a CIAD resident council training course.

It took me two years to learn how to walk again. With CIAD’s guidance, I was able to move out of the nursing home and into an adult home. CIAD was there for me again when they gave me the opportunity and guided me through the process to move out into a supported housing studio apartment. It was a 10-year odyssey for me from the nursing home to my own home.

CIAD advocates, lobbies and—most importantly—empowers residents to become independent, stand up for their rights and help solve their problems. CIAD also makes dreams come true. I am living proof