Equal Grant Information

The EQUAL Grant Program has two separate sections – the Report, and information on the Application. Both are detailed here.


CIAD is committed to empowering residents to improve the quality of their life and care and to support and maintain their self-determination and choice. New York State’s Enhancing the Quality of Adult Living (EQUAL) Program has become an essential component to achieving these goals over many years. We invite you to read the introduction from our Executive Director, Geoff Lieberman, and the Report CIAD commissioned with the Samuels Group.


Adult Home Resident Council members and Resident Leaders: the 2023-2024 EQUAL Grant application process is under way. Here are links to three tools to assist you in participating in the EQUAL Grant process in your home.

Letter to Operators

Conditions of Participation

Equal 101 ppt.

Join us in supporting the aged and disabled of greater New York City.