New York State Regulatory Agencies

Department of Health (DOH)

The main agency responsible for the oversight and licensing of adult homes. Visit DOH's website to get a listing of adult homes, and to get a list of homes that are on the state's "do not refer list". DOH also operates a 24 hour complaint hotline, where residents and/or advocates can raise issues in the home and have them investigated. The number for the complaint hotline is 1-866-893-6772.

Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs

The Justice Center investigates complaints involving abuse, mistreatment and neglect in some adult homes. To contact the Justice Center, call: (855) 373-2122

Office of Mental Health (OMH)

OMH is the agency that oversees mental health programs, such as off-site or on-site adult day programs and case management services. To contact OMH concerning questions or issues with mental health programs, call their toll free line at: