Our Mission

The Coalition of Institutionalized Aged and Disabled (CIAD) is a non-profit, consumer-led advocacy organization of adult home and nursing home residents and residents’ councils. CIAD was established in 1973 to bring pride, purpose and self-determination to residents. Our mission is to provide residents with the information and skills they need to advocate for themselves, to protect and promote the rights of residents, and to improve the quality of their lives and their care. CIAD organizes residents into resident councils, training and nurturing resident leaders, educating residents about their rights, and promoting their participation in the affairs of their own residences as well as broader public policy issues.

CIAD was born out of residents’ sense of disenfranchisement and isolation. Institutional policies and regimens were slowly eroding their personal autonomy and robbing them of their independence, individuality and decision-making power. They were dependent upon a system that neither met their needs nor consulted them on how their needs could best be met. Our social justice vision is one that seeks to protect people’s rights, improve the quality of their life and care, and transform institutions into real community settings.