CIAD helps residents understand their rights and improve their quality of life. This is a critically important role CIAD plays for residents, who have few other advocates. CIAD staff both provide information to residents to promote self-advocacy where possible, and assist residents in situations where help is needed.

Our advocacy work includes:

Resident Rights Trainings

CIAD and MFY Legal Services work together to regularly conduct residentsí rights trainings to adult home residents in the homes. MFY's rights handbook is distributed at these meetings and can be downloaded here:

The Rights of Adult Home Residents

Rights education is also provided to adult home staff and other mental health providers. 

Complaint Handling

CIAD helps residents resolve individual complaints, and assists individuals to connect with valuable resources such as housing assistance, affordable transportation, and mental health programs. We have successfully advocated on behalf of residents concerning their finances, access to information about housing opportunities, and issues of safety, mental and physical care.

Information Distribution

CIAD strives to connect residents to resources outside of the adult homes. These resources include:

  • MTA Half Fare Card Drives
    CIAD has worked with the MTA to organize drives where residents get assistance in filing the half-fare card application, have their photo I.D. taken, and have the form signed by a public notary. Half-fare cards not only save residents money on public transportation, but also provide a source of photo identification. Call CIAD to arrange for the MTA to visit your home. For more information about MTA's Half Fare Program, click here.
  • Assurance Lifeline Phone Service
    In most adult homes, phones with outgoing service are not available to residents. Because of this, residents have even less contact with the outside world. CIAD has worked with many residents to help them sign up for discount wireless phone service. For more information about Assurance Lifeline Phone service, click here.
  • Mental Health Service Providers
    While there are hundreds of service providers in the city, because of the institutionalized setting in adult homes, many residents are unable to access the services they want or need. CIAD connects residents to mental health services including:

    Baltic Street
    Offers a comprehensive array of programs and services which help people obtain jobs, housing, social supports, education, vocational training, health benefits, entitlements and other community services that have the potential to greatly enhance their quality of life.

    Venture House
    A clubhouse program located in Jamaica, New York that strives to enable consumers to lead successful lives in the community by providing opportunities for meaningful work, sustaining relationships, secure housing, adequate income, access to medical care, and opportunities to pursue educational and personal goals.

    Community Access
    A not-for-profit agency, helping people with psychiatric disabilities make the transition from shelters and hospitals to independent living. We provide safe, affordable housing and support services, and we advocate for the rights of people to live without fear or stigma.