Adult Home Regulations

Adult homes are licensed and monitored by the New York State Department of Health (DOH). Adult homes (or Adult Care Facilities) must abide by the Department of Health's regulations for adult homes. The adult home regulations  can be found at the DOH website at (search for Section 487 of Title 18, Social Services Law).

You can also find a state-wide directory of adult homes at the DOH website at

To monitor the homes, DOH conducts yearly inspections and operates a complaint hotline (1-866-893-6772) where individual complaints are recorded and investigated.

During the annual inspection process, DOH administers an inspection of adult homes to make sure that they are in compliance with NYS regulations for adult homes. During these inspections, the physical plant, case management, medication management, and other patient services are checked for compliance. In addition, a random set of residents are interviewed in order to monitor resident treatment. For more information about adult home inspections by the Department of Health and how they are conducted, see When Your Home is Inspected: The New York State Department of Health's Annual Inspection and Your Rights as a Resident, a joint publication of CIAD and the New York State Health Department.